Badminton Tournament

Sponsored by: Tafeltennisvereniging TTV PATRIOS Amazing Oriental
Date: Saturday, 12 October 2019
Time: 11:30 – 19:00 hour
Location: Sporthal IJBURG, Amsterdam
Coördinator: Lynette Ho

The Chinese Sport Federation Netherlands welcomes everybody! Even the ones who are not very skilled at the game. The tournament has been divided in three skill levels: novice, advanced and very advanced.

This year there is no registration for a women single tournament, however if you are interested please contact the coordinator Please read the following conditions for participation and game rules first!

  • Registration for participation is possible until October 5th 2019.
  • Cancellation is possible until October 5th 2019. A cancellation after October 5th 2019 will not lead to a refund of the participation costs.
  • Per game a maximum of 2 sets will be played.
  • 21 points constitutes a win (no two points difference).
  • Participation is only possible at one skill level: participation in more than one skill level is not allowed.
  • The organization reserves the right to cancel a game if there are not enough participants. The participation costs will be refunded.After the registration is closed, the Chinese Sportfederation will publish as soon as possible the games which will go on or cancelled.
  • Novice en advanced players play with shuttles of nylon. The organization will provide them.
  • Very advanced players play with shuttles of feathers. The organization will not provide them. The participants have to bring their own.
  • Participants are only allowed to enroll in maximum 2 different categories of the same level. It is not possible to enroll in multiple categories of different levels. Example: you are not allowed to enroll in the advanced level Men Single and novice level Men Single.
  • To make the tournament as fair as possible participants are not allowed to register for in a tournament that is lower than the level which he/she is playing or played before. Example: A very advanced player who has played in a level 5 competition in the past is not allowed to register for the novice tournament.
  • When playing doubles, the highest level of the player determines the tournament level which you are allowed to enroll.
  • A participant who does not fill in the correct information on the form can be disqualified from the tournament. The participant will be informed about this before the start of the tournament.
  • A category will be cancelled if there are less than 4 participants in a category. The coordinator will decide if the participants, who have enrolled in the cancelled category, can join another level.

Registration and payments are done through

Novice Level: For players who plays badminton, but never played competition before or Women’s Doubles €15 Register here
players who has no or limited badminton experience. Men’s Doubles €15 Register here
Mixed Doubles €15 Register here
Matches are played with synthetic shuttlecocks.
Advanced Level: Dutch competition level 6 untill 2 Women’s Doubles €15 Register here
or players who has the same level of skills like a player playing in the 6th. level. Men’s Singles €10 Register here
Men’s Doubles €15 Register here
Matches are played with synthetic shuttlecocks. Mixed Doubles €15 Register here
Very Advanced Level: Open Level. For anyone who likes to be challenged. Women’s Doubles €15 Register here
Attention: Men’s Singles €10 Register here
Bring your own feathered shuttlecocks! Men’s Doubles €15 Register here
Mixed Doubles €15 Register here
Junior For any children until 15 years old Single €7,50 Register here
Double €10 Register here
Matches are played with synthetic shuttlecocks