The Executive Board is responsible for governing the Stichting Chinese Sportfederatie Nederland

Besides the Executive Board, the Chinese Sportfederatie has also a Honorary Board of Chairmans. The Honorary Board is to control that the value and norms of the Chinese Sporfederatie will be uphold and to provide advise and support.

The Executive Board

Chairman: Ryan Xiu
Secretary: Chi Liong Chen
Treasurer: Tsi Kwun Wong
Vice-chairmen: Chi Liong Chen Shirley Ke
Yin Kwaan Mok Lily Ding
Communication Marketing: Guan Her Ng
Badminton Coordinator: Lynette Ho
Basketbal Coordinator: Ian Lee
Table Tennis coordinator: Jeroen Che
Futsal Coordinator: Michael Wong Stanley Tjin (assistant)
General: Ka Man Chan Kaji But
Monitoring: Shih Min Chang

Eternal Honorary Chairmen and Founders:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Mr. C.K. Wu
  • Mr. Y.M. Xiu †
  • Mr. W.K Yeung

Honorary Chairmen:

(in alphabetical order)

  • Mr. Hans de Bie †
  • Mr. S. K. Choi
  • Mrs. T. Li
  • Mr. F. Man
  • Mr. Trieu
  • Mr. K. C. Wong
  • 洪金玉
  • 郭貴有
  • 梅旭華
  • 詹君武
  • 許晉奎(香港)
  • 郭家明(香港)